How does Restaurant Management Software help in Easing Back Of the house Processes in a Full Service Restaurant

In the previous blog, you read about what exactly is a full-service restaurant, what is the front of the house in a restaurant and the processes that come under that. You also read about how restaurant management software can help you in making these processes easier. 

In this blog learn what processes come under the back of the house of a restaurant and how you can use restaurant management software to make those processes easier. 

The back of the house of a restaurant has areas that are not visible to the customers like the kitchen, employee area, washrooms, and administrative offices. These areas are as much important as the front of the house of a restaurant and each process needs to function smoothly. The major processes that happen in the back of the house are –

Food preparation

The kitchen is the place where all the magic happens. Chefs make sure that each dish is delicious and appeals to the customer’s taste buds. For this purpose, everything needs to be on point. Chefs should never run out of inventory and proper hygiene has to be maintained at all times. 

Inventory Management 

Tracking inventory manually can be a difficult task but with restaurant management software it gets easier. Alerts are sent to the person in charge as soon as the ingredients fall below a certain level. Chefs can also monitor the levels of ingredients regularly to understand which ingredients are in demand and prepare the dishes accordingly. 

Recipe Management

Another benefit of restaurant management software is that it automatically adjusts the levels of ingredients in the inventory as soon as they are used. This helps in maintaining consistency in the recipes so that the customers get the same taste every single time they order the same dish. 

Restaurant Staff Management

Managing a whole team of enthusiastic workers can be complex but this is where restaurant management software comes in handy. Monitor the attendance of your employees to know who is working harder and keep an eye on employees who have access to the cashier or the POS system. This helps in reducing conflicts related to access. 

Order Management

If you have different areas for preparing different types of food such as a separate section for food, beverages, and dessert, and a customer orders dishes from each section you wouldn’t want your waiters to mess up their orders. A restaurant Management system instantly sends the orders to the kitchen display system that helps the chefs prepare the orders accordingly. This saves a lot of time and avoids confusion and miscommunication between front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house staff. 

Data and Analytics

In-depth analysis of customer-related data can help in improving business operations. Get a detailed report of the times when your customers couldn’t get enough of your restaurant and times when things were a bit dull. Not only this but you can also know important information regarding orders like the number of orders completed/canceled, the mode of payment that was used, and the most popular orders. This will help you identify the demand and you can be prepared with liquidity of cash. These details will be displayed in the end-of-day restaurant report

This blog has taught you about the back of the house of a restaurant and what processes come under it. Processes like food preparation, inventory management, recipe management, staff management, and monitoring data. You have also learned how restaurant management software can help you in making these processes easier. Get yourself a restaurant management software today and see the magic unfold. Cheers! To the profits.

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