QR Code Menus: The Best Innovation For Restaurant Customer Service


QR codes are back! QR codes have found their place home during the pandemic as they help minimise and eliminate human contact that includes ordering and paying for their meals. There are many advantages to using a QR code Ordering System, QR code menu in a restaurant, and we’ll get into some of them right now. First, let’s find out what exactly is this thing called “QR codes”?

What is a QR code menu?

A QR code menu is a digital version of the restaurant’s standard “menu,” which can be viewed by scanning its square-coded image with your smartphone. This eliminates the need for physical menus at tables, creating a more Covid-free environment in your restaurant!

QR ordering

Why use a QR table ordering in a restaurant?

Restaurant owners will keep their staff safe, and customers will be happy with this new contactless solution. How else can they benefit? Let’s look at all of the ways QR code ordering system may help restaurants:

1. Eliminate sharing of physical menus between customers

The best thing about QR code ordering in restaurants is reducing the number of items customers have to touch when dining. A menu often gets passed around between groups during dinner time. But with this contactless option, there’s no need for it as everyone can point their phone at one spot, and voila! All your choices are right before you.

2. Cut down on the cost of printing menus

In a world where the menu changes regularly, restaurants spend a lot of money updating print versions. Instead, you can offer your staff a digital QR ordering menu solution, so they can log in and make adjustments in real-time.

3. Reduce restaurant touchpoints

People are taking hygiene seriously because of the pandemic. With a digital menu, you will have lesser touchpoints to sanitise. As your customers order from their smartphones, you are also minimising their contact with your staff. Hence, reducing and minimising the spread of germs.

4. Increase order values

Consumers tend to spend more when they order through a screen. The average order value can go up by 30% with a QR code ordering system embedded into your operations. When ordering from a QR code table ordering system, digital menu, customers feel less pressured to decide quickly and add on more items. They also don’t mind if they have another helping of fries!

5. Faster table turnover and increased productivity

Traditionally, restaurants are required to hire more to handle more customers. The more you hire, the lesser your margin becomes, making it harder to scale the business. QR ordering comes to your rescue, With a digital menu at bay, you’ll need less staff to handle higher order volumes. And when table order is taken care of, you can assign your team to handle the other part of the business that drives better customer experience.

6. Instant Menu Updates

The best thing about QR ordering is that if any ingredients are out in the kitchen, you can quickly tell your customers that the menu item is unavailable. Just hop on to Easy Eat AI’s system, update your digital menu, and have it reflected immediately.

7. Get more orders accurately

QR code ordering system allows your customers to order through their smartphones, and it is directly sent to your POS and kitchen. Your staff does not need to go table to table or have the need to key into the POS system manually. This significantly reduces the rate of human error.

8. Pay from your table

Customers can browse the menu, make their orders, and pay their bills immediately with multiple smartphone payment options. QR ordering gives them full control of their mobile ordering!

9. Collect customer data

After scanning the QR Code, Customers will be required to scan a QR code to order and submit their data to access the digital menu on their smartphones. With Easy Eat AI, every transaction is tied to a guest’s name and phone number. We know data is an integral part of any successful business. It lets you learn more about your customers (what they eat, when they are at, etc.).

10. Your customers are already digital

Most customers are already used to ordering through the QR code restaurant ordering system and paying digitally. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to increase your restaurant experience with you.

In conclusion, the implementation of QR ordering in restaurants offers multifaceted benefits beyond just safety and convenience. By eliminating the need for physical menus, reducing printing costs, and minimizing touchpoints, restaurant owners can enhance hygiene protocols while saving resources. Moreover, the system can boost order values, expedite table turnover, and streamline operations, leading to increased productivity and customer satisfaction. The instantaneous menu updates and accurate order processing further improve efficiency and reduce errors. Additionally, the ability to collect customer data opens avenues for personalized services and insights into consumer behavior. Embracing digital solutions aligns with evolving consumer preferences, ensuring restaurants remain competitive and adaptable in today’s increasingly digital landscape.

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