Zing Club Cashback Loyalty Program

Check out our Zing Club Cashback Program on Easy Eat AI

Do you enjoy offering great customer service to your customers? Yes? Excellent! With great excitement, we are pleased to announce the launch of our Zing Club Cashback Program on Easy Eat AI. As its name implies, cashback refers to the money customers receive in exchange for the purchases they make. Cashback is often more appealing to people because they are ‘getting something’ rather than just parting with a few cents less. 

We’ve got a cool program known as the Zing Club Cashback Program that rewards customers with cashback for their next visit to your restaurant. Our Cashback program offers a win-win situation for both your business and your customers. Your restaurant will benefit from sales, average check amounts, brand loyalty, and your customers will keep patronizing. What’s not to love?

Although customer retention may not have the same sexy reputation as customer acquisition, it is certainly more profitable. Easy Eat AI’s Zing Club Cashback Program is an excellent way to reward and retain customers.  Statistically speaking, our Zing Club cashback increases customer retention by 20% to give your customers a reason to return. Simply put, your customers will be eager to return to your restaurants once they see how easy it is to earn cashback. It is a win-win situation for both parties. 

By adding this feature to your business, you encourage your customers to spend more and earn cashback. This creates a mutually beneficial transaction for both parties; your customers will receive more cashback each time they dine-in, and you will benefit from their repeat business. Thus, this will increase order value to your business as people are more willing to spend and receive cashback. 

A pleasant dining experience and building relationships with your customers are undoubtedly factors that make customers happy to dine in a restaurant. Add our Zing Club Cashback Program to your business and make your customers happier! Generally, happy customers are more likely to spend and share with their friends and on social media too. They are your perfect sales funnels! 

After knowing more about our cashback program, you may wonder how do I activate Zing Club Loyalty Program? We’re glad you asked!

1. You can set the percentage cashback you would like to offer to your customers. The cashback is set to 5% by default, but we highly recommend increasing it to 10%.

2. You can choose the categories or items you would like to include in the cashback program.

3. You can determine when to apply the cashback. The order could be by dine-in, delivery, or takeaway (the recommended setting for everyone).

4. Registration is not required, as your customers will automatically be enrolled for free

5. Customers can either use the credits on their next purchase or accumulate them for future purchases.

Wow! How cool is that? 

Having Zing Club Loyalty Program onboard is an excellent way to promote your business and activating the program is a seamless process. For our existing restaurants, getting started is as easy as talking to an onboarding partner. We also welcome new leads to speak with our Zing Club Loyalty Program sales representatives here.

Join us today!

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