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4 Must have Restaurant Equipments to Maximise Efficiency


When you think about opening a restaurant, your mind likely jumps to the obvious necessities: knives, ovens, fridges, and other standard kitchen appliances. While these are indeed critical, there’s a whole array of other equipment that is equally vital to ensure the smooth operation of your restaurant. Beyond the basic restaurant kitchen equipment, you’ll need tools to manage orders, payments, and customer interactions efficiently. This is where EasyEat comes into play with its comprehensive suite of solutions including POS systems, kitchen printers, cash drawers, and card terminals.

4 Must have Restaurant Equipment's to Maximise Efficiency

1. Point of Sale (POS) Systems

One of the most essential pieces of restaurant equipment is a reliable Point of Sale (POS) system. A POS system is not just a cash register; it is the central hub of your restaurant’s operations. It handles sales, tracks inventory, manages employees, and generates reports.

EasyEat’s POS system is designed with the unique needs of restaurants in mind. It helps streamline operations by integrating order-taking, payment processing, and data management into one easy-to-use interface. This reduces errors and speeds up service, which enhances customer satisfaction.

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Key Benefits of EasyEat POS System

  • Order Accuracy- Orders are directly entered into the system and sent to the kitchen, reducing the chances of human error.
  • Inventory Management- Keep track of stock levels in real-time, helping you avoid running out of key ingredients.
  • Detailed Reporting- Generate comprehensive reports like end-of-day restaurant reports, employee performance reports, and customer preferences to make informed business decisions.
  • Integration- Easy integration with other systems and devices like kitchen printers and card terminals.

2. Kitchen Printers

Another critical piece of restaurant kitchen equipment is the kitchen printer. When an order is placed, the kitchen printer ensures that the kitchen staff receives clear and precise instructions on what needs to be prepared. This minimizes communication errors and speeds up the order preparation process.

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Setting up a restaurant or any food-related business involves significant expenses, with kitchen equipment being one of the most crucial investments.

EasyEat offers high-quality kitchen printers that integrate seamlessly with the POS system. Orders entered into the POS are instantly printed in the kitchen, ensuring that the chefs can start preparing dishes without delay. This system also supports multiple printers, so orders can be directed to specific stations, such as appetizers, main courses, and desserts.

Advantages of EasyEat Kitchen Printers

  • Speed- Immediate printing of orders ensures quick kitchen response times.
  • Clarity- Clear, printed instructions reduce misunderstandings and mistakes.
  • Organization- Orders can be sorted and prioritized based on the type of dish and preparation time.

3. Cash Drawers

Handling cash transactions efficiently and securely is crucial in any restaurant. A robust cash drawer integrated with your POS system is essential for managing cash sales, providing change, and ensuring security.

EasyEat’s cash drawers are designed for durability and security. They connect directly to the POS system, opening only when necessary, thus minimizing the risk of theft. This integration also allows for detailed cash management reports, tracking every transaction accurately.

Features of EasyEat Cash Drawers

  • Security- Lockable drawers keep cash secure.
  • Accountability- Detailed transaction logs help in tracking cash flow and identifying discrepancies.
  • Accessibility- You can control which of your employees can access the cash drawer. 

4. Credit Card Terminal Machines

In today’s cashless society, accepting card payments is non-negotiable. A reliable credit card terminal machine is essential for processing these transactions smoothly and securely.

EasyEat provides advanced card terminals that integrate with the POS system, ensuring seamless payment processing. These terminals support various payment methods including credit and debit cards, contactless payments like NFC, and mobile wallets. This versatility not only improves customer satisfaction by offering multiple payment options but also speeds up the transaction process.

Benefits of EasyEat Card Terminals

  • Speed-Fast transaction processing reduces wait times.
  • Versatility- Accepts multiple forms of payment, including chip, swipe, and contactless, and NFC.
  • Security-Advanced encryption technology ensures secure transactions, protecting both the business and the customers.

How EasyEat’s Card terminal can be beneficial for your Restaurant

you will learn about how EasyEat’s card terminals will let your customers pay through NFC and how it can be beneficial for you. 

In a nutshell, EasyEat can transform your restaurant operations with its suite of advanced restaurant kitchen equipment. From the central hub of the Point of Sale (POS) system to the precision of kitchen printers, robust cash drawers, and versatile credit card terminals, EasyEat ensures seamless order management, secure transactions, and efficient inventory control. Whether you’re streamlining operations or enhancing customer service, EasyEat will empower your restaurant to thrive.

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