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5 Ways QR Ordering Can Increase Customer Retention in Your Restaurant

As more and more restaurants are looking for ways to improve customer retention, QR ordering is becoming an increasingly popular solution. QR ordering is the process of using a QR code to access digital menus, place orders, and pay for food in a restaurant. This technology can save customers time, effort, and money, and help restaurants increase customer loyalty. In this article, we’ll explore exactly how QR ordering can help restaurants increase customer retention.

#1: Streamline the Ordering Process

Streamlining the ordering process can help increase customer retention in your restaurant. Incorporating QR ordering into your restaurant’s ordering system can help enhance customer satisfaction. QR ordering is a great way to simplify the ordering process for customers as they can order directly from their phones or other mobile devices. This makes it easier for customers to quickly and easily place orders without having to wait in line or talk to a waiter. Additionally, QR ordering will make it easier for your restaurant to keep track of orders and customer data. You’ll be able to see which customers are ordering, how often they are ordering, and what their favourite dishes are. This data can then be used to personalise their experience and ensure that customers are always getting the best possible service. Additionally, QR ordering can help streamline the ordering process by eliminating the need for customers to wait in line or call in their orders. By leveraging technology, you can make the ordering process easier and more efficient, allowing customers to get their food faster.

#2: Offer Special Deals and Discounts

With a QR ordering system, you can easily create special discounts, offers, and rewards to keep your customers coming back. For example, you could offer a discount of 10% off the total bill to customers who use the QR ordering system at least four times in a month. This will encourage customers to return to your restaurant frequently and they will be more likely to stay loyal to your brand. You can also use the QR ordering system to offer loyalty rewards to customers who come back often. For example, you could offer a free appetizer or dessert after a customer orders a certain number of times. This type of reward will make customers feel appreciated and will encourage them to keep coming back.

#3: Personalise the Experience

 QR ordering provides a great platform to do this. By offering customers the opportunity to customise their orders and make it their own, restaurants can create a more personal and unique experience that customers will remember and come back for.

QR ordering also provides an easy way for restaurants to track customer preferences and ordering habits. This allows restaurants to create customised offers and promotions based on the customer’s needs and interests. For example, if a customer orders the same dish frequently, the restaurant can offer them a special deal on that item to show their appreciation for their loyalty. Finally, using QR ordering to personalise the experience can also help to build relationships with customers. Customers will appreciate the effort that the restaurant is taking to make their experience more personal, and this can result in higher customer satisfaction and more repeat customers. QR ordering can be a great way to build relationships with customers and make them feel valued.

#4: Make it Easier to Track Orders

QR ordering can make it easier for restaurants to track orders, which is an important part of customer retention. By tracking orders, restaurants can better understand customer preferences, anticipate customer needs, and offer personalised experiences. This can be done through QR ordering software, which allows restaurants to collect detailed data on customers, including order histories, payment methods, and more. This data can then be used to create targeted loyalty programs and promotions that are tailored to customers’ preferences. Additionally, restaurants can use the data to identify trends in customer behaviour, such as popular items or time of day when customers are most likely to order. These insights can help restaurants maximise their resources, ensure customer satisfaction, and keep customers coming back.

 QR ordering also simplifies the process for customers. Rather than waiting in line to order, customers can use their mobile devices to quickly and easily place their orders. This makes the ordering process more convenient and increases the likelihood that customers will return in the future. Additionally, QR ordering allows restaurants to automatically send customers notifications and updates on their orders, such as when it’s ready or if there’s a delay. This helps to keep customers informed and increases their satisfaction with the service.

#5: Create a Loyalty Program

By providing incentives for customers to return to your restaurant, you can build a strong customer base. A loyalty program can be as simple as offering discounts or points for every purchase, or you could provide exclusive benefits such as free meals or merchandise. It’s important to keep your customers engaged by offering rewards that are meaningful to them. For example, if your restaurant specialises in Italian food, you could offer a free pasta dish or a bottle of Italian wine for customers who reach a certain point level in your loyalty program.

It’s also important to make sure your loyalty program is easy to use. By integrating your loyalty program into your QR ordering system, customers can easily track and redeem their rewards. They can also easily see how close they are to reaching the next level of rewards and can be motivated to keep coming back. With a loyalty program, you can foster customer loyalty, encourage repeat visits, and ultimately increase customer retention.


In conclusion, QR ordering can be a powerful tool for restaurants to increase customer retention and loyalty. By offering customers a convenient, efficient and secure way to order food, restaurants can create a more enjoyable and efficient ordering experience. Additionally, the ability to track customer data and create custom loyalty programs can help restaurants to better understand their customers and offer rewards that keep customers coming back. Ultimately, QR ordering can be a great way to increase customer retention and loyalty in a restaurant.

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