Boost Your Restaurant Sales with AI Recommendations

Recommending your customers the right thing according to their needs is important in improving their experience. Learn how AI makes personalized recommendations to customers and how you can also use it to upsell items and offer customized promotions and discounts to your customers. Wait, Wait! That’s not all yet, Learn the drawbacks of AI also and ensure that you find solutions to the problems timely. 


AI analyzes what customers like, their previous orders, and their behaviors and suggests those items that cater to their preferences encouraging them to choose complementary items or more expensive things when they order. It also recommends items based on their frequently ordered items.

If one of your staff recommends something to the customer it will mostly be based on general knowledge and assumptions about the customer. While human intuition is valuable, it may not capture the dynamic and nuanced nature of customer preferences.

However, this AI-based recommendation might reduce human interaction and might not be liked by some customers who are looking for manual recommendations and interaction. 

Data Processing and analysis

The thing with Artificial intelligence is that it can process large amounts of data easily. It can recommend your customers by considering past data and customer trends and patterns. It will be difficult for your staff to process such huge data and make recommendations to each customer separately. 

The drawback with this would be that the recommendations to every customer would become monotonous as the process of thinking and assisting each customer would be reduced.


Cross Selling and Upselling

AI can be used as one of the best upselling techniques. For example, if they want to order a pizza, the AI can suggest to them the toppings that go best with it and other items like coke and dips. The scope of selling bundled deals or items also becomes easier. The AI also considers the data of other customers who have ordered similar items and makes recommendations according to that data. The drawback could be that AI might not be able to consider specific dietary restrictions of customers and recommend irrelevant items to them. 

Contextual Recommendations

AI can make recommendations based on the context like weather. For example, if the weather is cooler, it can suggest your customers order warmer items like soups and make recommendations based on festivals. AI can also customize the recommendations based on inventory levels. 

The issue with this can be that AI  isn’t emotionally intelligent enough to recommend items according to the customer’s mood which can only be done manually. 

Dynamic Pricing

AI can consider various factors like timing, demand, and customer behavior and make recommendations based on that. It becomes easier to offer your customers discounts and make them order more or according to a certain time. The only issue with AI-based recommendations is that those recommendations might not take local economic factors like economic recession or inflation into consideration automatically and make relevant recommendations to your customers. You might have to adjust the conditions manually every time. 

To conclude, Artificial intelligence is a boon for the restaurant industry, when it comes to making recommendations based on previous customer orders, analyzing huge chunks of information at once, and making contextual recommendations. AI upsells items from your menu like a champ. It can also be helpful when adjusting the prices of dishes dynamically. But the thing with artificial intelligence is that it can also become a bane for your restaurant because of its inability to make recommendations by assessing customer emotions and different states of mind. Artificial intelligence can disappoint those customers who are coming for an interactive experience. The lack of human interaction might push them off. Make a decision considering all the pros and cons of Artificial intelligence. 

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