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EasyEat Lite V/s Storehub: Which serves your Restaurant better?

Imagine taking orders manually, checking inventory that gets depleted swiftly, and noting down customer data manually. Chaotic right? If you are reading this blog then you don’t want to make the above processes complicated. You would’ve researched a lot and finally shortlisted two POS systems: EasyEat and Storehub. Now you’re confused about which one you should buy. Here’s a detailed comparison of EasyEat lite and Storehub that will help you out by giving you clarity about the features. 

EasyEat provides two types of POS systems exclusively for restaurants, one is a lite version and the other one is a pro version. EasyEat Pro is an advanced version that uses AI to increase your restaurant’s revenue and is unmatched by any competitor in the market. Meanwhile, the Lite version remains an excellent choice for those seeking a POS system with all the vital features intact. Storehub on the other hand makes POS systems for all types of businesses. 

Software Subscription

EasyEat lite provides you with software that requires you to subscribe just once and there’s no hassle of paying every month or every year. 

Storehub- on the other hand gives you the option of choosing between monthly or yearly subscriptions. 

Data And Analytics

Data is useful when it comes to monitoring trends which will help you in making important decisions impacting your restaurant. EasyEat lite – has the feature of updating all the changes instantly which will help you in making decisions as fast as possible. 

Storehub– on the other hand, will let you monitor data but it doesn’t have the option of instant updates.

Delivery Charges

If you’re sick of paying more commission to your delivery partners and you’re considering a POS system that also comes with delivery integration then these two options provide you that. EasyEat lite charges only 6.75 % as a delivery fee including the payment gateway fee. 

Storehub– charges around 10% as a delivery fee if you’re going for an advanced plan, whereas it charges around 15 % as a delivery fee if you’re going for a basic plan.

Payment Gateway

EasyEat lite charges 1.75% for all online payments 

Storehub charges depend on the payment gateway.

Marketing and Promotion

It is important that your customers think about you often and for that SMS marketing can be used.  It will inform them about the latest updates and offerings in your restaurant. 

EasyEat lite– gives you the option of sending automated SMS to your customers, it charges 10 cents per SMS. EasyEat lite also stores important customer details like their birthdays or other milestones. You can send special messages to them or serve an extra special dish if they want to celebrate it at your place. 

Storehub– lets you send SMS to your customers but it charges 20 cents per SMS. 

Flexibility to access

EasyEat Lite gives you the option to access the POS system even when the internet isn’t available and also it gives the option of a mobile-friendly display which will help you monitor your restaurant whenever you want. 

Storehub– doesn’t provide this option. 

Multi-Location Management

EasyEat Lite gives you the option to control and monitor all your outlets from one place. You can easily track all the operations of all the outlets from one place, enable loyalty programs, and allow your customers to spread the word about your restaurant from the referral program option and start marketing campaigns from one place. 

Storehub- doesn’t give you this option. 

Food Court Control

EasyEat lite has something in store for food courts as well. Food courts can manage multiple outlets from one place easily. If a customer is ordering from X outlet then the order will go to that particular outlet from the centralized system. 

Storehub- doesn’t give you this option. 

Mall Integration

If you own a restaurant inside a mall then you obviously don’t want to manually upload the sales report to the mall server daily. EasyEat POS system automatically uploads your sales report to the mall server. 

Storehub- doesn’t have this option. 


The most important thing when it comes to running a POS system is hardware. So EasyEat lite provides you with a printer, an iPad, and a cashier that will help you get started 

Storehub- also provides you with hardware. 

Installment plan

If you’re running short of money, don’t wanna compromise the quality of restaurant operations, and are considering buying a POS system through the EMI option then EasyEat lite gives you that option as well. Installments will be smoothly deducted for 3 months through the Atome App. 

Storehub- doesn’t give you this option.

QR Ordering 

If you want to be one of those tech-savvy restaurants that have enabled QR code orders to make the ordering process for your customers easier then EasyEat lite gives you this option. QR code ordering will reduce the errors as the orders will go directly to the kitchen. 

Storehub- Has a QR code Ordering system

Inventory Management

EasyEat lite lets you track your inventory. This feature will let you know which ingredients are being used frequently and which ingredients aren’t being used frequently so that you can order them accordingly. 

Storehub – Has this option

Loyalty Program

EasyEat lite will let you provide loyalty programs to regular customers which 

will help you retain the customers. As far as EasyEat is concerned it provides loyal customers cashback. 

Storehub- Let you give a loyalty program.

Overall Comparison

Choosing the right POS system can streamline operations. EasyEat Lite offers a one-time software subscription for restaurants, while Storehub provides monthly/yearly options for various businesses. EasyEat lite has instant data updates, lower delivery charges (6.75%), and a fixed online payment gateway fee (1.75%). It offers SMS marketing (first 300 free), multi-location management, food court control, mall integration, hardware, installment plans, QR ordering, and inventory tracking. Storehub lacks features like instant data updates, lower delivery charges (10-15%), fixed payment gateway fees, SMS marketing (20 cents per SMS), offline access, multi-location control, food court management, and mall integration. Both offer loyalty programs. 

Choose the best POS system that is cost-effective and solves all your major problems.


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