How EasyEat SMS Marketing Analytics Help in the Retention of Customers

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In the previous blog we read about the types of SMS marketing campaigns that EasyEat lets you create and you also learned how important it is for retention of customers. This blog will enlighten you about EasyEat’s SMS marketing analytics feature. To check if you’re on the right track and if your campaigns are working or not this is important for you. You can easily know what’s working and where you need to improve. Here are some of the metrics that will help you in tracking the effectiveness of your campaigns. 

SMS Marketing Analytics

EasyEat SMS Marketing Analytics

Total Revenue earned 

This metric will let you know about the total revenue generated by your restaurant from customers who received your SMS. This will also let you know about those customers who paid a visit within 14 days of the reception of your SMS and help in improving consumer relationship management. 

Total SMS Sent

This metric will let you track how many people are in your audience. You can monitor if the list is growing or not and this will ensure that the messages are being delivered to the target audience. This is vital for effective customer segmentation and customer market segmentation, allowing you to tailor your messages to specific groups and improve overall engagement.

SMS Cost 

It is very important to track the money that is being used in SMS Campaigns. You can calculate your ROI as EasyEat transparently displays the expenses. 

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Revenue Earned 

This metric is most useful for refining customer segmentation and targeting efforts and if you want to analyze which of the marketing campaigns are performing better. You can see which campaigns are driving most of the sales and which aren’t performing that well by looking at the revenue earned by each of the campaigns. 

Running For 

This feature is most helpful for you if you own multiple restaurants. You can see the campaigns that are running for each of the outlets and adjust your marketing efforts accordingly. Understanding which campaigns are running for each outlet allows for better management of resources and more effective customer relationship management across all locations.

SMS Cost 

You can check the cost of each campaign here. By comparing the cost and revenue generated by each campaign you can compare the cost-effectiveness of each campaign. This will also help you understand which of these campaigns are giving you a better response. 


Return on investment is calculated as (Profit=Revenue earned – cost )/cost

Profit/cost (adjusted up to 2 decimal places). You don’t have to spend a lot of time calculating the ROI for the marketing campaigns and you can directly skip to the analysis part. 

Status of Campaigns

Active– This means that the messages are being regularly sent to the customers if they meet the necessary criteria. 

Paused– You can check which of the campaigns are being paused. No SMS will be sent from that campaign until it gets resumed. 

Ended– These campaigns will be closed and you will have to create fresh campaigns if you want to run these again. 

Getting Started with SMS Marketing

In today’s digital age, SMS marketing is not just a powerful tool but also an accessible one. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll navigate the world of SMS marketing

EasyEat’s SMS marketing analytics gives you all the tools and insights that you need to optimize your marketing strategies effectively. You can see detailed metrics on total revenue earned, SMS sent, and campaign costs, EasyEat helps in precise customer segmentation and better management of marketing budgets. You can track ROI and campaign performance make informed decisions and improve consumer relationship management. EasyEat’s SMS marketing analytics will help you drive sales, enhance customer engagement, and ensure the success of your marketing efforts across all restaurant locations.

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