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Split and Merge Restaurant Bills Seamlessly with EasyEat

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Your customers chose your restaurant to celebrate their special occasion and the question of splitting or merging the bill shouldn’t come in between. EasyEat’s innovative POS features—bill splitting and bill merging—are here to simplify this process for you. In this blog, we’ll explore how these features can enhance customer satisfaction, streamline restaurant operations, and ultimately improve the overall dining experience. Read more to find out how you can give your customers a stress-free dining experience. 

Bill splitting and merging

Splitting Bill

Dining out with family and friends is a fun activity. However, when it comes to dividing the bill things can become awkward. Your customers may have to take out their calculators or download an app for bill splitting. It is a confusing process. But fear not as the process of bill splitting is going to become simple with EasyEat’s split bill feature. Let’s discuss the benefits that you’re going to have by using this feature. 

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Improved Customer Satisfaction

Your customers can focus on enjoying their meals and the dining experience with their loved ones because now they don’t have to scratch their heads while splitting the bill. This can save them from those awkward money division conversations and also complex tax calculations. 

Better customer service

How do you want your restaurant staff to be? Interacting with your customers, recommending them dishes and serving them or do you want them to stare at their calculators for a long time just to get the calculations right? Using EasyEat’s Split bill feature will improve customer service as now your staff can focus on customers’ needs more. 

Reduced payment delays

Your customers can quickly settle their bills with this feature and your staff can quickly move on to attend and serve the next set of customers. This will increase the number of customers served at a particular time and will increase your table turnover rate

Encourages group dining

More customers would love to come to your restaurant as now they can be stress-free that they don’t have to split the bill themselves and it will be settled quickly. This will also increase the average ticket sizes. 

Now let’s talk about EasyEat’s Merge Bill Feature.

Merging Bill

‘Drinks are on me!’ You would have seen the main character in movies paying for everybody’s drinks. This may or may not happen in real life but what can happen is a single person treating a group of people. This is where EasyEat’s merging bill feature comes into play. Let’s read more about the benefits of this feature. 

Flexible Ordering 

There may be a large group of people seated at different tables who would place orders from their tables. If one person from the group wants to treat all of them then it would be very difficult to collect bills from all the tables and add up the entire amount. This is where EasyEat’s Merge Bill feature becomes useful. The total payable amount will be directly calculated without any stress. 

Improved customer service

Your staff can focus on interacting with customers and upselling as the calculation part will be sorted. There won’t be any mistakes as the bill amount will be automatically calculated and your staff also doesn’t have to waste their time handling the complex calculations. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

So neither does your staff have to take care of the calculations nor do your customers have to. All they have to do is place orders and enjoy their meals. They would prefer your restaurant every time they want to have gatherings and larger groups mean larger ticket sizes. So you can expect higher revenue too. 

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In conclusion, EasyEat’s bill splitting and merging features significantly enhance the dining experience by simplifying the payment process for your customers and your staff. These features lead to improved customer satisfaction, better service efficiency, reduced payment delays, and increased group dining. By integrating these innovative solutions into your restaurant, you can expect higher revenue, more satisfied customers, and a reputation for providing a seamless and enjoyable dining experience. 

Embrace EasyEat’s technology to stay ahead in the competitive restaurant industry.


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