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Tech Savvy Table Ordering to Increase Your Profit

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In this blog, we’ll explore the transformative benefits of EasyEat’s table-ordering software for you. Discover how showcasing bestselling menu items can boost revenue, how autonomous order placement improves efficiency, and how increased order accuracy enhances customer satisfaction. We’ll delve into the advantages of faster meal delivery, the reliability of offline ordering, the convenience of digital menus, and the seamless experience of placing multiple orders via one QR code. Join us to learn how EasyEat can revolutionize your restaurant operations and elevate your customer experience.

Effective Menu Design Techniques: Enhancing Customer Satisfaction and Boosting Sales

An effectively designed menu goes beyond listing dishes and prices; it has the power to captivate customers, showcase your offerings, and influence their dining experience

Tech Savvy Table Ordering to Increase Your Profit

Showcases Bestsellers

EasyEat table ordering software will let you highlight your bestselling and top menu items. This will encourage your customers to order more and will serve as a guiding light for confused customers. Another benefit of this is you can highlight your high-profit menu items so that customers choose them often. This can help boost your overall revenue. 

Faster Order Placement

Give your customers the autonomy to place orders themselves. By scanning the QR code they can browse through the menu and order whatever they want. This ensures that they don’t have to wait for waiters for a very long time to place orders, they can save that time in thinking what to order. Your staff can also be relieved and take care of other duties as the customers will take advantage of table ordering. 

Boost Table Turnover Rate of Your Restaurant With EasyEat

The biggest disappointment that you can face is having fewer customers during the holiday season. This is the time when you can expect more customers in your restaurant but still, you aren’t able to increase your sales.

Increased Order Accuracy

Imagine, your customers strictly asking for pepperoni toppings on their pizza but they get served a margarita pizza. That doesn’t sound cool right? To avoid manual errors like these, make sure that you enable EasyEat’s table ordering software. The orders will directly go to the kitchen and your chefs can prepare the dishes as it is. This also saves time and makes sure that your customers get the best dining experience. 

Faster Meal Delivery

Making your customers wait for even simple orders like Kopi isn’t a good thing. Table ordering can help reduce the time lag that usually happens during order processing. This will be beneficial for you to serve more customers and increase the table turnover rate and overall revenue of your restaurant. 

Offline Ordering 

If your restaurant is located in an area where there are internet issues then EasyEat’s Table ordering software has got you covered. Your customers can browse through your menu and place orders even if they are offline. This offline ordering system ensures that your customers will get an experience that is technologically advanced but also old school as your customers won’t be busy scrolling their social media!

Digital Menu 

Having a digital menu is important in a dynamic world of preferences. You can change your menu according to your customer’s tastes and preferences and make sure that you stay relevant. It also saves a lot of money that is usually exhausted while updating those paper menus. Your customers can access your digital menu through their smartphones. This feature will be liked by those customers who are tech-savvy. 

Multiple Orders via One QR Code

For those customers who are dining in large groups, there is always a possibility of orders getting messed up. With the ability to place multiple orders via one table QR Code stand, the possibility of manual errors ends. Each member of the group can place their orders individually, they can also add any special instructions to customize it and they will directly go to the kitchen. 

Your One-stop Solution to help you make table ordering your new norm

Enable QR ordering/Self ordering to automate ordering process and make your staff more efficient.

In conclusion, EasyEat’s table ordering software offers an array of benefits that can significantly enhance your restaurant’s operations and customer experience. By showcasing bestselling items, enabling faster and more accurate order placement, and ensuring quick meal delivery, this software optimizes both efficiency and satisfaction. The offline ordering feature and digital menu access provide convenience and reliability, while the ability to handle multiple orders via one QR code eliminates errors. Embracing EasyEat can lead to increased revenue, streamlined processes, and a more enjoyable dining experience for you and your customers. 

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