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Case Study: Popular Chinese Seafood Chain In Klang Valley, Malaysia

For the purpose of calculating the Return in percentage terms, we have taken the total technology fees paid by the chain to Easy Eat AI i.e. $4,142.94.

  • The data is from 27 January 2021 to 27 January 2022
  • The chain has 5 outlets live with us. They started with 3 outlets and 2 of the new restaurants went live in Oct 2021 & Nov 2021 respectively, so the impact of these restaurants would be much stronger next year

Return on Investment signifies the value added by Easy Eat AI to a brand business by helping them to maximize the yield from their business. We do this by helping restaurants in two ways:

  • Increase Revenue
  • Reduce Costs

Now, let’s consider the example of this popular multi outlet Chinese seafood restaurant chain that joined hands with Easy Eat AI.

+ This chain has an impressive return of 1986%

In absolute numbers, the return has been $82,288:

  • Additional Revenue earned using Easy Eat AI: $74,361.10
  • Costs saved using Easy Eat AI: $7,926.90

Increment in Revenue with QR Adoption

Average order value when placed using QR technology

Average order value not using a QR technology

Difference between technology orders (QR) and Non technology orders (Non QR) is 17.5%. With an average increment of $1.70 per order by adopting the QR Technology for ordering, the chain earned an additional $52,120 on 31,272 QR orders.

Increment in Revenue with Loyalty Program

Easy Eat AI offers a loyalty program where the restaurant can provide its customers cashbacks on ordering which can be redeemed on subsequent orders. By adopting the Loyalty Program, the chain received orders from loyal customers where cashback was redeemed which helped them earn an additional $22,241.43.

Saving on Delivery Commissions

Easy Eat AI charges only 2% delivery commission in comparison to 20-35% commissions charged by the competitors. With a Total Delivery GMV of $33,897, the chain saved $6101.43 on delivery commissions by choosing Easy Eat AI Delivery over other platforms.

Saving on POS Software Annual Subscription

With Easy Eat AI, the restaurant is not required to pay any additional annual subscription cost. If the restaurant chooses to purchase the software with all the benefits that Easy Eat AI provides like Loyalty Program, Marketing Module, Reporting and Analytics, etc. from a different company in the market then they would have to pay an annual subscription of $1188 over and above the other fees.

Saving on Hardware Costs

Easy Eat AI provides the restaurant various free hardware components like iPads etc. If the restaurant chooses a different POS company, then they would pay an additional $637 for the hardware.

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