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How EasyEat’s Recommendation Feature can Increase the Average Order value by 10%

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In this blog, we’ll explore how EasyEat’s innovative restaurant recommendation feature can transform your restaurant’s ordering experience and boost your business. You’ll discover how the Bestseller Category and Bestseller Tag can highlight your most popular dishes, making it easier for customers to choose and increasing your revenue. We’ll delve into how the “Complete Your Meal With” and “Frequently Added With” features can upsell items and give popular food suggestions, enhancing customer satisfaction and order value. Finally, we’ll discuss how the Repeat Past Orders feature offers a personalized, efficient experience that keeps customers coming back. Read on to learn how these features can benefit both your customers and your bottom line.

Let our Recommendation Feature Help You Shine

We here at EasyEat have made it our mission to constantly improve ourselves in order to serve you better and improve your overall restaurant experience.

Recommendation feature

Bestseller Category 

EasyEat’s recommendation feature showcases the stars of your menu to the customers so that they can order those items that are truly tried and liked by most of the customers. Customers are reassured by the popularity of these dishes and are more prone to add them to their carts. This increases customer satisfaction and you can expect a higher revenue, as they will be ordering high-margin items. You can place an order for the ingredients in advance and in higher quantities so that you don’t run out of them. 

Data-Driven Menu Design to Maximise Restaurant Profits

Menu matters! Staying updated with trends matters! Not sure if customers like your menu? Wondering if your menu is good enough to make profits?

Bestseller tag 

The bestseller tag makes sure that the items on the menu are highlighted separately. Those customers who are indecisive about their orders are more prone to place their orders swiftly. This increased turnover will lead to higher turnover of popular items ensuring that these items are always in stock and fresh. The bestseller tag can also help you in marketing your best dishes. 

Complete your meal feature

If a customer has ordered a primary dish like pizza then in traditional settings your staff would promptly suggest them to order a coke or a dessert with it. But with EasyEat’s ‘Complete your meal with’ Feature upselling becomes easy. This personalized suggestion boosts customer satisfaction and will increase your average order value by 10%. 

Frequently Added with

People love social validation and what’s better than ordering those dishes that are bought in combos by most of the customers? Your customers will get suggestions of those meal combos that are popular among other customers. It uses data to highlight complementary dishes that makes the ordering process much more intuitive and efficient for your customers. This feature leverages social proof to influence the behaviour of your customers. You can predict their orders and prepare your inventory prior accordingly. 

Restaurant Upselling Techniques to Increase Your Restaurant’s Revenue

In today’s competitive restaurant landscape, finding innovative ways to increase revenue is essential for sustained success. 

Smart suggestions

Your customers will be able to see food suggestions even during checkout so that they don’t miss out on anything. Not only that but also the suggestions are smart as the customers will not be shown obvious suggestions like extra roti when they order a plate of Roti Canai. Instead, they will be shown desserts or drinks that are usually ordered with the dish. 

Repeat past orders

If a customer chooses your restaurant once again and just can’t get enough of that one special dish, then this feature recommends them the same order according to their ordering history. This makes the customers feel special as it is a much more personalized experience which will increase customer loyalty. If your customers are in a hurry and don’t have time to look at other menu items then they can take advantage of this feature, repeat their previous order, and make the payment quickly. This helps in increasing the table turnover rate as you can serve such customers quickly and focus on the next set of customers.

Everything about the Restaurant Ordering System At One Place 

Every aspect of operations, from order management to customer satisfaction, plays a crucial role in determining success.

In conclusion, EasyEat’s recommendation feature is a game-changer for your restaurant, providing a multifaceted approach to enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting revenue. By highlighting bestsellers and tagging popular items, it simplifies decision-making for your customers and increases sales of high-margin dishes. The “Complete Your Meal With” and “Frequently Added With” features promote upselling and efficient ordering through personalized and data-driven suggestions. Finally, the Repeat Past Orders feature offers a personalized experience that speeds up the checkout process and fosters customer loyalty. Implementing this feature can lead to higher customer satisfaction, streamlined operations, and a significant increase in overall profitability.

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