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How to Open a Restaurant Inside a Retail Store in Malaysia

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In the previous blog, you read about the benefits of having a restaurant inside a retail store. In this blog, we will guide you through every step of the process that you need to follow to open a restaurant inside a retail store in Malaysia. From understanding the market and securing the perfect space to designing an inviting layout and navigating legal requirements read about how important these steps are for opening a restaurant. We’ll also cover essential elements like implementing a POS system, crafting a customer-friendly menu, and effective marketing strategies. By the end, you’ll be equipped with all the knowledge needed to launch a successful restaurant within a retail outlet.

Secret to a Successful Restaurant Business

In the bustling world of the restaurant industry, success hinges on more than just delicious food and appealing ambiance. It requires strategic planning, innovative thinking, and a deep understanding of your target market

Retail Store

Understanding the market and location

The first thing that you need to do is find a retail store that is suitable to your restaurant’s concept. Decide whether you want to choose a retail store, a hypermarket, or a mall. Find other important information like the demographics, foot traffic, and existing competition in your retail store. Higher foot traffic means more people will be able to find your restaurant. 

How to choose the best Restaurant Concept among the various Restaurant Types

Choosing the ideal restaurant concept is a critical decision that can significantly impact the success of your dining establishment.

Securing the right space

Once you find the right location, you need to find the right location inside the retail store. People who visit the retail store must find your restaurant. You don’t want your restaurant to be located in a corner that is almost invisible to everyone. The best thing that you can do is locate your restaurant beside the food section. People will already be influenced by the packed food packets and they are more likely to eat at your restaurant to satiate their cravings. 

Designing the restaurant layout

The right restaurant layout can make or break the experience for people. The restaurant layout must be inviting, functional, and in harmony with the overall aesthetic of the retail store. Hire an interior designer who could design a floor plan for you that maximizes the seating capacity and ensures customer comfort and a smooth flow of operations. You don’t want your waiters to bump into each other. 

How To Choose A Stellar Layout And Design For Your Restaurant

Discover efficient restaurant design tips to help you create the right layout /floor-plan for optimum utilization of space in 2024.

Getting the permits 

Ensure that you obtain all the necessary licenses and permits that make sure that your restaurant isn’t removed from the retail store anytime soon. Get the business permits, health permits, and fire safety certifications so that you don’t face those legal issues. It also tells your customers that your restaurant is trustworthy. Get your restaurant insured as this will help you in the future in case anything goes wrong with your restaurant. 

Implement a POS system 

A POS system for your restaurant will help you in easing your restaurant operations. You don’t have to worry about running out of ingredients, you can easily monitor important data that will help judge the health of your restaurant. You can easily manage finances and know where exactly you need to make efforts. 

QR Ordering 

QR ordering will make the whole ordering process fast and easy for your customers. Not only that but also, placing a QR code at the entrance of the supermarket will let your customers browse the menu and place orders while their better halves are busy filling the shopping cart. 

Menu planning

Ensure that your menu doesn’t have extravagant meals as that can be overwhelming for customers in your restaurant for a quick meal. The customers will expect lighter dishes. Not only that but also preparing these heavy dishes is difficult and would require a lot more ingredients. 

QR Code Menus: The Best Innovation For Restaurant Customer Service

QR codes are back! QR codes have found their place home during the pandemic as they help minimise and eliminate human contact that includes ordering and paying for their meals. 

Marketing and promotion

Make sure that people are aware of your restaurant, you can ensure this by investing in both online and offline marketing campaigns. Invite some influencers to your restaurant so that it gets some exposure. Leverage social media marketing opportunities to promote your restaurant. After you figure out your marketing strategy, you next need to offer your customers discounts. Offer them coupons and loyalty programs this will ensure that they prefer your restaurant. 

Opening a restaurant inside a retail store in Malaysia involves several strategic steps to ensure success. From understanding the market and choosing the right retail outlet to secure an optimal space within the store, every decision impacts your restaurant’s visibility and customer base. Designing an inviting layout that harmonizes with the retail environment is crucial, as is obtaining all necessary permits and licenses. Implementing an effective POS system streamlines operations and financial management. Crafting a menu that meets customer expectations and launching comprehensive marketing campaigns are essential to attract and retain patrons. By following these guidelines, you can create a thriving restaurant that complements the retail shopping experience, driving both foot traffic and sales.


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