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Fish noodle and seafood lovers, assemble!

PROCEED WITH CAUTION: The following may cause your stomach to grumble. Fish noodle and seafood lovers, assemble! You’ve come to the right place.

Mr Fish Fish & Seafood Noodle Restaurant is no stranger to fish head and seafood lovers. They serve the best fish and seafood noodles and have been voted #1 by Ho Chiak (8tv) for having the best fish head & seafood noodles in Klang Valley. Ask any peeps in Klang Valley the best place to get mouth-watering fish noodles and seafood in Klang Valley and they’ll recommend you to Mr Fish without a doubt. 

Mr Fish has served wholesome bowls of Teochew-style fish head noodles made from their mom’s recipe since 2014. Aside from having the best fish head & seafood noodles,  Mr Fish is also well- known for the freshness of their ingredients and the authentic taste. Coupled with its springy noodles and succulent ingredients, their dish is sure to make you drool. The best part? Mr Fish’s dishes are MSG-free! 

While you can head to Mr Fish for a fix, there is another alternative for you to enjoy Mr Fish products. Mr Fish also offers a unique experience by selling merchandise that enables customers the option to prepare, cook and enjoy ready-to-eat meals in the comfort of their own homes. How convenient, eh?

Since adopting Easy Eat AI’s QR Table Ordering, Mr Fish generated an additional RM12,000 per outlet. Besides that, Mr Fish has successfully operated the business at 70% of its pre-MCO! With Easy Eat AI, restaurant owners and employees can streamline every aspect of the business, ranging from inventory, customer orders, deliveries and leveraging AI-based data analytics to maximize revenue.

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